Upcoming Events in London 2019
Upcoming Events in London 2019
events in London

Known as a vibrant, multicultural and nonconformist city, London is one of the trendiest places where you can spend your unique and most vibrant nights out. The metropolis hosts thousands of nightclubs, bars, pubs and discos in their most exclusive neighborhoods, offering a wide variety of entertainment. Therefore, we are going to give you the definitive guide to all upcoming nightlife events in London.

London has plenty of options for everyone, regardless of the setting, interior design or music taste. From the partygoers who want to unwind and dance until morning, to those who are looking for a quiet and delighting evening. Clubs and discos range from small dance clubs to ostentatious and extravagant ones. Nevertheless, today, we will highlight the high-end venues where the entry is exclusive for those on a guest list.

1: Cirque le Soir

15-21 Ganton Street Soho London W1F 9BN

Oxford Circus
11:00 PM
RnB, Hip Hop
     Smart and Elegant
VIP Table Booking Cirque le Soir

Halloween Party at Cirque le Soir

halloween at cirque le soir

Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays in London. All the preparations start from the beginning of the month, and Cirque le Soir events live up to its high-class guests. However, when it comes to Halloween at Cirque le Soir, we are referring to a particular high-end party, where Cirque le Soir Guestlist is a must-have to join.

As expected, the most exclusive event in the capital requires a VIP table booking at Cirque le Soir, where you can spend a truly spooky Halloween in the most eccentric and outrageous and venue. Entering the massive, mysterious door, fire breathers, exotic dancers with terrifying and surreal makeup will be welcoming you and your group of friends in the most exclusive Halloween party at Cirque le Soir.

Christmas Party at Cirque le Soir

Get away from the ordinary holidays and join us at the Cirque Christmas party, a spectacular show of circus delights! As a high-end exclusive venue Cirque team offers one of the high-quality catering services, including a wide range of premium drinks on Cirque le Soir bottle menu. However, Cirque le Soir Bottle price is equal to the exclusivity of the event.

Cirque unique shows include magicians, dwarves, drag queens and dauntless acrobats who are ready to leave you speechless. Nevertheless, our Vip Tables London managers have all the information, possessing your VIP key to this select, yet unusual Christmas event. Enjoy the most fabulous party in London this Christmas, book your tables in advance if you don’t want to miss out the fantastic experience of the circus world. Your where we invite you to gaze in amazement at the unusual artists of the circus world.

events in London

Enjoy the most amazing party in town this Christmas, where we invite you to gaze in amazement at the unusual artists of the circus le soir world. The dazzling lights of the venue shimmer like stars in a midnight sky, as you make your way to your VIP tables, decorated with attractive centrepieces. You just need to follow the Cirque le Soir door policy which is dress code and age restriction.

New Year Party at Cirque le Soir

new year eve at cirque

This year when the clock tongs midnight, you could step into the wonderland, only with Cirque le Soir New Year’s party. London most extravagant and opulent venue hosts all the exclusive parties throughout the year and New Year is one of them!

Cirque knows how to throw a party in style, from service to entertainment, to cocktails and shows. The sparkling top bottles will be the protagonists in the VIP  reception area. Also, fire breathers, hula hoopers and freakshows will be getting the party started. Our concierge managers will take care of Cirque’s guests, providing one of a kind service. Celebrity music performances and tons of confetti dropped in the dazzling lights will make one perfect night to end up your year.

2: London Reign Showclub

217 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9HN

     Piccadilly Circus
11:00 PM
RnB, Hip Hop
     Smart and Elegant
london reign show club vip tables ,nightclubs lndon,vip tables london

Halloween Party at Reign ShowClub

new year party at reign showclub

London Reign Show Club is always prepared for a unique theme Halloween party. From all London’s Halloween events,  Reign is famous for its impressive Reign halloween parties and otherworldly shows. 

Reign Show Club delivers different Halloween parties, where the venue transforms in a place of desire and terror. If you like to dress up in terrifying characters, or just get winded up after the atmosphere of horror, London Reign showclub events is the place for your Halloween party. Be aware of the limited entry of this venue. Therefore we recommend that you book your VIP tables beforehand with our concierge services and let them prepare them your terrific night.

Are you going to enter the house of terror? Book now your table and dress up!

Christmas Party at Reign ShowClub

Whether you are looking for a wild experience or just a glamorous Christmas night, we are welcoming you to Reign! Opulence and extravaganza are one of the characteristics of this high-end venue. A-list celebrities and top artists come to spend their special night with one of the best clubs in London. Therefore, Reign Show Club dress code is glamorous and sexy, while the gentlemen should be smart and elegant. Likewise, Reign showclub age restrictiction is 18+. No ID, no entry.

Due to its exclusivity, Reign Show club make everything count, providing entertainment and taking it to the next level. 

christmas party at reign

Dancers, acrobats and conformists will be taking part in their outstanding shows. If you want to know more information about Reign bottle menu or London Reign bottle prices, our Vip Tables London concierge is on hand for you 24 hours out of 7.

New Year Party at Reign ShowClub

new year eve party at reign

The moment has arrived, and everyone is waiting to pop their bottles in the most luxurious venue in the city.  Reign Showclub is one of the most demanded clubs near the New Year night. Its extravagant style and stunning shows make the perfect mix for a night to remember.

Reign Show Club door policy is rigorous but once you’re in you’ll know what we’re talking about! As you make your way to the tables, you will meet all London’s elite and party along with them. For this to become true, you need to be on Reign guest booking or to get your Reign booking table.

Come and join New Year eve at Reign on the 31st of December, where the venue will be shimmering like stars, with stunning canapés and décor. Book your drinkable in advance and skip the queues for a night to remember!

3: Drama Park Lane

35 Hertford St, Mayfair London W1J 7SD

     Hyde Park Corner
11:00 PM
RnB, Hip Hop
     Smart and Elegant
drama park lane

Halloween Party at Drama Park Lane

halloween at drama

Halloween Drama an iconic place for an unforgettable Halloween party. The venue is Drama is the newest addition to London’s nightlife scene and has been tailored for London’s elite partygoers. If you want to join the best Halloween event, Drama should be on your list! 

Drama guestlist booking is very strict and you also must take into account the Drama Park Lane age restriction. For that, contact our Vip Tables London concierge manager to book your table for you and your friends! Expect loud and scary screams, expect the unpredictable costumes and spooky characters, plan a party where oddities are in the spotlight. 

For more information about Drama Park Lane events and advanced booking, contact our Vip Tables London and join us on the dancefloor! 

Christmas Party at Drama Park Lane

The Christmas Drama party is a significant event in London’s nightlife. Our concierge managers are preparing their limited guestlist and tables ahead, so the 

high-end guest will be able to enjoy the Drama experience to the fullest. Wealthy décor, premium cocktails and drinks ready to be opened in style. International celebrities, skilled DJs and extravagant dancers are going to make your Christmas special.Don’t forget Drama Park Lane dress code and bring your sexiest and most glamorous outfit in and live to the maximum your night!

christmas party at drama park

New Year Party at Drama Park Lane

new year party at drama

Time to say welcome 2020! Where?  Drama Park Lane NYE party. New Year’s Eve in London is the best celebration and, without a doubt, one of the busiest nights. The Drama door policy is one of the strictest this particular night. Therefore, we recommend you to get your Drama booking table or Drama Guestlist booking beforehand with our Vip Tables London concierge. 

Even though there are thousands of NYE parties happening in London, Drama is the one to bring in the New Year in the most vibrant and electric setting. Special Drama bottle menu will be able to delight your palate and make the best of your night.

Contact with us mickey@viptableslondon.com and make table booking for upcoming events in London Now!

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