London Reign Show Club dress code

London Reign Show Club dress code

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The London Reign Show Club is an exclusive private members club. Do you want to get into then you have to follow the London Reign Show Club Dress Code.

The London Reign Show Club won’t guarantee entry to anyone and full discretion as always lies with the door.

This is an OFFICIAL The  London  Reign Show Club dress code and door policy, so before you are here for the craziest night of your life, The London Reign ShowClub needs to be clear on the ins and outs

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Entry is £20 per person
Arrival @11pm  highly recommended
Without ID, there will be no entry

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Casual dress , intoxicated customers and heavy male  entourages will be completely discouraged.

To enjoy the best night out? Book with us to enter into The London Reign ShowClub weird and amazing world.

The London Reign ShowClub is well-known for its terrific outrageous acts. If you haven’t been here, you haven’t experienced London’s amazing night.

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