The House Party Club Age Restrain

The House Party Club Age Restrain

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When you’re planning to go to a night club in London, there’s something you need to know first, age restriction. All the clubs have a strict door policy.

To get entry into The House Party Club, you should know the  door policy. Let’s talk about London House Party Club Age Restriction!

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London House Party is a distinctively clear reference in London’s nightlife. It’s astounding atmosphere never ceases to amaze and allure its guests.

The House Party Club Events   perfect and terrific according to guest’s desire. You would  amazed by the performances presented there every night.

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Want the best night out in London? Head down to The House Party Club!

The House Parties are the best and most outrageous parties of London. Once you get to experience, you’re definitely going to be there again.

Before getting ready for the craziest night of your life, The House Party Club would like to be clear on the ins and outs. You should not be younger than 18+.

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The House Party Club London was inspired by 90s and wanted to produce events reflecting the carefree attitude of the time when people were never scared to loose, feeling the music.

The House Party Club is an exclusive private members club and has fully reserved rights of strict door policy. Not everyone is allowed to get entry and full discretion always lies with the door.

The guests have to respect the door policy and they must be 18+.

                                                                        NO ID, NO ENTRY!

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To join  guest list you must know The House Party Club dress code.

Look smart, beautiful and elegant!. House Party London completely discourages casual dress code, intoxicated customers and male-heavy entourages.

Well then join House Party guest list and get to experience the magical ambience of London’s most A-list club. Book with us and join The House Party Club Guestlist

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