Tape London VIP Table Booking
Tape London VIP Table Booking
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Tape London Club, opened in Hanover Square is the new addition to London’s nightlife scene. The venue is more than a nightclub and tape table booking are sold out immediately.
It has a recording studio, members lounge and a restaurant. Tape London is becoming the new “home” for London’s best artists.

They present a unique, fresh and exciting new concept, never seen in the Capital before. It offers the most exclusive elegant party experience. Thanks to the best sets of internationally renowned DJ’s, Tape attracts the best partygoers. However, people call Tape London Club ‘a central hub of creativity and celebration’.

Tape London is inspired by Dallas Austin. He put his energies into several projects and produced seminal records for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. Being inside Tape London interior looks just like a musical instrument. Walking inside the venue is like “walking into the brass mouth of a trombone”. Also, the walls present a gilded copper effect covering.

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In addition, a big chandelier hangs over the stairwell, resembling the horn of a gramophone player. The 250-capacity nightclub also has a full-sized stage for live acts. The room splits between two levels. The higher level is for VIP tables.

There is also the DJ booth and industrially raised podiums where go-go dancers pull shapes. Also a sound system from D&B Technik hotwires the room. Great addition of Tape Club is Little Tape, with only a 150 capacity. In Little Tape, there
are different piano and guitars.

However, being the most demanded venue, Tape London, keeps the door-selection quite difficult. For the ones who manage to get into Tape London the night looks promising. You only have to get in your best party mood and book a table. You will surely be taken care of with the best service in town!

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