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Le concept de Pièce de Jouet n’est pas semblable aux autres clubs exclusifs à Londres, ils ont ajouté un petit peu d’espièglerie. Avec un ours en peluche dans le Logo, chacun aime le thématique. Un énorme ours que les gens veulent prendre une photo avec, même les célébrités comme Nicole Scherzinger ou Lindsay Lohan.

How To Book Toy Room Guestlist In London

Toy Room guestlist is one of the coolest venues in London. If you want to attend to the hottest destination this year, Toy Room is your place! Get your name now on the Toy Room Guestlist for a full VIP experience. Keep on reading if you want to book a VIP table or a guest list. Book Now The only…

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Toy Room London è un club esclusivo per soli ospiti situato in Argyll Street a Mayfair. Il club è stato fondato da due imprenditori di successo a Londra.

Toy Room VIP Elenco degli ospiti

Il concetto di Toy Room non è simile agli altri club esclusivi di Londra, hanno aggiunto un tocco di giocosità. Con un orsacchiotto nel logo, tutti adorano la tematica. Un orso enorme con cui la gente vuole fare una foto, anche le celebrità come Nicole Scherzinger o Lindsay Lohan.

Toy Room VIP Tischreservierung

Toy Room London ist ein High-End-Club nur für Gäste und befindet sich in der Argyll Street in Mayfair. Der Club wurde von zwei erfolgreichen Unternehmern in London gegründet.

Toy Room VIP Gästeliste

Das Konzept von Toy Room ist nicht mit den anderen exklusiven Clubs in London vergleichbar, sondern verleiht ihnen einen Hauch von Verspieltheit. Mit einem Teddybären im Logo liebt jeder das Thema. Ein riesiger Bär, mit dem man fotografieren möchte, auch mit Prominenten wie Nicole Scherzinger oder Lindsay Lohan.

Top Guestlist Nightclubs In London

Have you ever wanted to attend the most recent events or hottest party in the city, however, when you get there you find yourself stuck at the door? Been there, done that. London is known for its exclusive venues where entry is more than strict, even for celebrities. If you join our Guestlist, you will have access to all London's…

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Toy Room London is a high-end guestlist-only club and located on Argyll Street in Mayfair. The club was founded by two successful entrepreneurs in London.

Toy Room VIP Gueslist

The concept of Toy Room is not similar to the other exclusive clubs in London, they added a touch of playfulness. With a teddy bear in the Logo, everyone loves the thematic. A huge bear that people wants to take a photo with, even the celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger or Lindsay Lohan.

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