Reign Showclub VIP Guestlist
Reign Showclub VIP Guestlist
reign showclub london

Reign Showclub is on of the best in London for all its amazing shows. The interiors are stunning. If you want to feel like you are in the Great Gatsby house, this is the place to be.

Bright lights, glamour, and showtime décor all come together to make you feel like a celebrity being treated to a private burlesque experience.

As the name suggests, Reign club’s mood and the atmosphere is pure royalty. The VIP elite of Reign nightclub knows that they need two things to have a perfect night: a Reign showclub VIP Guestlist and impeccable looks. That means that most men will be in tuxedos or three-piece suits, while women will be in classic red carpet gowns or black dresses. The Reign Dress Code is sexy, elegant and high heels for the ladies and smart casual for the gentlemen. If you look too underdressed you will not be allowed in, as they have a certain quality to maintain. They have a right to refuse entry if you break the rules, whether you booked or not.

reign showclub guestlist

Don’t miss the wow factor in Reign Club!

A VIP Guestlist is recommended if you want to feel like a true celebrity. Otherwise, you might not even get in, as it is an incredibly popular venue and spaces are very limited. Getting on the guest list will be difficult due to limited spaces and very high demand. Despite the Vegas look, there will be no traditional cabaret music. Instead, enjoy the amazing house and electronic music, bringing an edgy modern twist to the show you will be relishing.

Want to dine among jellyfish tanks, flying acrobatics and confetti? Get your VIP Guestlist and be sure you will have a place in this unique club. There is nowhere else in London that will offer you this experience.

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