Go Frank Yourself Thursday At Toy Room
Go Frank Yourself Thursday At Toy Room
Go Frank yourself at toy room

Thursday night on Toy Room nightclub are quite ‘Frankly’. One of the most exclusive haunts for the arts, fashion and celebrities set in the heart of West End.

Toy Room Club is a mix between the innocent idea of having childhood toys in a place where suggestive and deviant behavior rules. Join our Thursday at Toy Room and become our VIP guest!

The design takes visual and stylistic mix of sources, from impressive graffiti art, fictional paintings to comic illustrations and celebrities lifestyle. The Toy room has numerous rooms where you can enjoy our variety of unique cocktails and drinks. Our highly experienced concierge team will work with you to ensure that you and your guests have the perfect night.

thursday at toy room

Book your VIP Table and your Go Frank yourself Thursday Guestlist with Vip Tables London. With a Hip-Hop and commercial music only, this incredibly creative boutique club focuses specifically on providing the very best hospitality to London’s best crowd.

Toy room is the only nightclubs where you can be 21+ and still can play with teddy bears. Join our Toy Room VIP Guestlist and our concierge team will take care of your table booking!

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