Dress Code Tonteria London
Dress Code Tonteria London

Tonteria is a Mexican tapas lounge and cocktail bar with a wide range of unique cocktails and drinks. Needless to say, the speciality of the house is tequila. This exclusive nightclub is attracting many high-end crowds of London and out of it. Therefore, Tonteria has a very strict door policy

 In order to get in, you need to be on the guestlist or VIP table booking in advance. What’s more, make sure you follow the Dress code Tonteria accordingly.

7-12 Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8EG

Oxford Circus
11:00 PM
     RnB, House & commercial
    Smart and Elegant

Tonteria Dress Code:

If you want to be part of the high-end crowd and be a VIP guest at Tonteria, you should consider being on Tonteria guestlist. Known for its good reputation as a top-class nightclub, the dress code is mandatory both for men and women. Not following the rules according to the entry policy means you cannot have access to the venue. Therefore, we are going to recommend you the best options you can opt for before showing up to the party.

dress code tonteria

Ladies Dress Code:

Regarding the make-up, you have many options. From smokey eye to brighter colours, just enough to highlight your look or the right tone of lipstick for your lips. When in doubt, you can always opt for a black eye-liner and coloured lips. 

However, your outfit should attract enough attention. Whether you opt for a crop top with a skirt, cocktail dresses, mini or medium dress, as long as you will beautifully pair them with your best high-heels. You can also try to emphasize your best assets by choosing the right dress for you. Hairstyle should be impeccable, a perfect ponytail or beautiful curls, no matter what you opt for make sure you look like a million dollars! Ladies outfit should be sexy without necessarily showing off skin, classy and fabulous is the way to go!

tonteria door policy

Gents Outfits:

Dress code for gents is simple. Smart and elegant with polished shoes, as trainers or other type of shoes are prohibited. This code includes shirts, dark jeans, suits and elegant coat, preferably dark coloured. 

Dress to impress! This is the best party in town and the way you dress might be the reason for missing it!

Attitude is also very important, so come with your best mood to party all night long with London Vip Tables London! Party in style at Tonteria and book now our Tonteria table booking! Email us  mickey@viptableslondon.com

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