Drama VIP Guestlist
Drama VIP Guestlist
drama vip guestlist

Drama nightclub Drama nightclub, best in London, should be at the very top of your list if you love fun and adventure and want to party in style. The Drama VIP Guestlist will ensure you have the best night out.

A place that calls itself a “chaotic utopia of hedonism” cannot be anything but a pure delight, after all. You will be expected to dress with class. Women ought to wear their little black dress and trendy high heels to dress smart casual.

You won’t find just anyone on the floor at Drama London. With a capacity for three hundred attendees, it is highly selective when it comes to just who gets on their dance floor, and only the elite of London’s clubbers gets in. The Guestlist is the only way of beating the strict queue and getting inside without having to worry. Don’t be like the rest: be a VIP guest. Queuing at the door is not at all the way to go. Champagne will be served in neon supermarket trolleys, the wallpaper is scented with the flavour of bananas, and inflatable fun can be found in several corners of the room.

drama park lane guestlist

The customers are on the red carpet at Drama, so you better look the part!

To make you feel even more like you are in a celebrity’s home, the whole place is designed like a pop art experiment, full of stunning art, bold colours, and great sound systems that keep the music pumping all night long. Wherever you are you will be able to enjoy every single beat lead by the latest and top DJs.

The Gold Room will leave you speechless. If Drama makes you feel like a VIP, the Gold Room will take you to another level. The room offers a truly personal catering service, with staff waiting on you hand and foot and endless fun. Book a table to enjoy the full VIP luxury experience.

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