VIP Room

All. du Quai de l’Epi, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Electronic / House

12:00 AM - 05:00 AM


Located near the new port of Saint-Tropez, Vip Room has established itself as the trendiest venue on the French Riviera. Founded by Jean Roch, a renowned French actor. Vip Room has gained global recognition for its opulent style, glamorous bars, and delightful restaurant, solidifying its dominance in the party scene of Saint-Tropez.

The club boasts modern decor adorned with mirrors, glass, and dynamic lighting, creating an enchanting and ever-evolving atmosphere. With two levels, it exudes an irresistible combination of deep purples and greens, offering a seductive yet serene ambience. The upper floor features a dancefloor where the beautiful crowd can let loose and revel in the music while a well-stocked bar caters to their libation needs. The drinks, skillfully crafted by experienced local mixologists, offer a delightful fusion of flavours.

Guests must dress in party attire to gain entry into this fashionable establishment. Vip Room St. Tropez is renowned for its ability to set the world dancing, making it an essential destination for nightlife enthusiasts in Saint-Tropez. It hosts extravagant parties on the French Riviera, drawing in numerous celebrities and partygoers.

The VIP Room in St. Tropez has earned its legendary status due to its diverse music genres, ranging from R&B to electro to rock. Renowned DJs like David Guetta and Calvin Harris grace its stage annually, attracting a sophisticated crowd. The VIP Room transforms into a wild party destination as the night progresses. It is an unmissable spot for anyone seeking a night of star-studded revelry.

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