Troy Liquor Bar

129 Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

09:00 PM - 04:00 AM


If you’re searching for the ultimate nightlife experience in Las Vegas, look no further than Troy Liquor Bar. This must-visit nightclub in downtown Fremont Street across from iconic casinos like Caesar’s Palace and MGM Grand Hotel & Casino offers an electrifying atmosphere that guarantees a memorable evening.

Troy Liquor Bar is ideal for those who love to dance and indulge in delicious cocktails. With its spacious interior and upscale flooring, you can let loose and groove to the music or opt for a more intimate setting with your significant other. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a fun night out with friends, Troy Liquor Bar covers you.

Take advantage of the thrill of Troy Liquor Bar! With its prime location in the heart of the Las Vegas entertainment district and its exciting ambiance, this nightclub promises an unforgettable experience you won’t forget. Come and experience the energy and excitement of Troy Liquor Bar today!