Toy Room

    Toy Room Club Nightclub London is an intercontinental brand already present in 8 different countries. Counting with the best elite clients around the world, Toy Room has proved its worth. Online Toy Room Table Booking is open now!

    The club is equipped with one of the most versatile spaces, with capacity for 415 guests and a smart dress code. The music policy is Hip-hop only, focusing especially on delivering best hospitality to their select clients. The design takes visual and stylistic cues from a mix of sources. There are iconic children’s toys, fictional characters, comic book illustrations, contemporary popular media and the counterculture of graffiti.

    With an amazing selection of DJs The Toy Room stands head and shoulders above other Mayfair clubs. London comes to life with the sounds of DJ Kaveh and DJ Prince Charles. As to the excellent management of the club, do not fear, as under Luca Maggiora and Gennaro Salerno your night is in safe hands. They have managed The Toy club expertly. They made the best out of Toy Room London club experience to make sure you have an unforgettable night out.

    Toy Room knows how to throw a party and arrange event, so you must be sure to get a place inside the club in advance by making a reservation through our concierge. Dress smart and head on over to make some memories to last you a lifetime.

    When you hear the words Toy Room, you are instantly thinking of a cheerful and whimsical place. This is exactly what the Toy Room club aims to provide to its guests. One of the most exclusive clubs in the world, where table booking is a must in order to enjoy the experience, which provides top music and signature drinks in a truly unique venue.

    Toy Room is going to offer you an exclusive clubbing experience, with its original and outstanding symbol “Frank the Teddy”. You only need to make a table booking or guestlist booking. Lots of celebrities like Jessie J and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted here, don’t miss the opportunity of being part of Toy Room crowd!

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    Bottle List

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      • Ace of Spades Gold£760
      • Ace of Spades Gold Magnum£2200
      • Ace of Spades Gold JEROBOAM£7000
      • Ace of Spades Gold METHUSELAH£33000
      • Cristal£480
      • Cristal Magnum£1700
      • Cristal JEROBOAM£6500
      • Cristal METHUSELAH£32000
      • Dom Perignon£490
      • Dom Perignon Magnum£1260
      • Dom Perignon JEROBOAM£5800
      • Dom Perignon Methuselah£13500
      • Krug£480
      • Krug Magnum£1260
      • Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame£420
      • Veuve Cliquot Luminous Jeroboam£2000


      • Ace of Spades Rose£950
      • Cristal Rose£850
      • Cristal Rose Magnum£2500
      • Dom Perignon Rose£760
      • Dom Perignon Rose Magnum£2100
      • Dom Perignon Rose Jeroboam£13500
      • Krug Rose£760


      • Bulleit Bourbon£270
      • Bulleit Bourbon Rye£270
      • Makers Mark£290


      • Dalmore 12 yo£320
      • Dalmore 15 yo£350
      • Dalmore King Alexander£680
      • Glenmorangie Original£280
      • Glenmorangie 18 yo£480
      • Glenmorangie 25 yo£1200
      • Glenmorangie Signet£600
      • Haig Club£360
      • Johnnie Walker Black£270
      • Johnnie Walker Platinum£370
      • Johnnie Walker Blue£580


      • Yamazaki 12£330
      • Hibiki 17£400


      • Tanqueray£290
      • Hendricks£320
      • Tanqueray No.10£350



      • Ciroc£290
      • Ciroc Flavoured£320
      • Ciroc Magnum£540
      • Ciroc Jeroboam£1450
      • Ciroc Methusela£2600
      • Belvedere Pure£290
      • Belvedere Pure Magnum£540
      • Belvedere Pure Jeroboam£1450
      • Belvedere Pure Methuselah£2600
      • Belvedere Unfiltered£320


      • Don Julio 1942£940
      • Don Julio Anejo£340
      • Don Julio Blanco£310
      • Don Julio Reposado£320


      • Snapback£50
      • Snapback CAMO£100
      • T-Shirts (Male)£75
      • T-Shirts (Female)£50


      • Hennessy Fine de Cognac£280
      • Hennessy XO£550
      • Hennessy Paradis£1050
      • Hennessy Paradis Imperial*£4600


      • Pampero Especial£260
      • Pampero Blanco£260
      • Pampero Anniversario£290
      • Ron Zacapa 23£400
      • Ron Zacapa XO£450


      • Jagermeister£270
      • Disaronno Amaretto£270
      • Luxardo Sambuca£270


      • 30 Minutes£40
      • 1 Hour£60
      • Apple£350
      • Apple£
      • Cherry£
      • Strawberry£
      • White Grape£

      A discretionary 15% service charge will be added to your bill in lieu of mandatory entrance charge Other bottles and food are available on request * on pre-order only



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