The Blue Bay

40 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco

07:30 AM - 10:30 PM


At Monte-Carlo bay hotel and Resort, the Blue Bay restaurant offers bold and innovative cuisine blending Caribbean and Mediterranean flavours, earning them two Michelin stars. The restaurant’s open kitchen allows customers to witness the hustle and bustle behind the scenes, adding to the overall dining experience. Chef Marcel Ravin is known for his passion for taste and pleasure and incorporates this into his unique dishes that are both creative and delicious.

While enjoying the panoramic sea view on the outdoor terrace, customers can sample the restaurant’s signature dishes, such as green papaya spaghetti carbonara, truffle and Jabugo jamón ibérico de bellota, and the organic egg with cassava, truffle and passion fruit. The Blue Bay classic Chocolate and passion fruit variations are also a must-try. Each dish is created with an artistic flair and passion that reflects Chef Marcel Ravin’s love of taste and pleasure.

The restaurant’s bespoke tableware adds to the culinary experience, designed by a ceramicist from Chef’s native island, Martinique. These unique pieces, inspired by the depths of the Caribbean Sea, tell a story and are a focal point of the dining experience.

For a unique sensory experience, customers can indulge in La Table de Marcel, a bespoke menu created by the Chef and his team. The bubbly brunch from January to June is also a must-try for those who enjoy a champagne brunch with their gourmet cuisine.

Overall, the Blue Bay restaurant is a culinary journey that blends flavours, creativity, and passion. Chef Marcel Ravin’s innovative style and love of taste and pleasure are evident in every dish, making it a must-visit restaurant for those visiting Monte Carlo.