58 Rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris, France

11:30 PM - 05:00 AM


Raspoutine, a former Russian cabaret established in 1965, quickly gained fame and became one of the most coveted clubs in the capital. Steeped in history, its red velvet alcoves have witnessed countless stories unfold—Raspoutine, nestled in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Laurent de Gourcuff, Benjamin Cassan, Ghislain Alexander, and Logan Maggio, the czars of this Russian-inspired establishment, have transformed this former restaurant cabaret into the city’s most renowned club.

The venue exudes pure extravagance. While the dominant colour theme of red ties the decor together, one cannot accuse it of being anything but lavish. The warm glow of red lanterns, chandeliers, and ceiling lights bathes the space in luxurious fiery hues, complementing the intricate carpets and heavy red curtains. The dark wooden furnishings and red upholstery reflect the light, creating an exclusive VIP ambience.

Choose from open booth seating, smaller corner booths, or intimate tables for two or larger parties, depending on whether you want to immerse yourself in the party’s heart or observe more casually. 

For an unforgettable night, consider arriving around midnight. Like most French nightclubs, Raspoutine Paris begins to come alive before midnight and continues into the early hours of the morning. This Paris nightclub specialises in hip-hop and RnB music, ensuring an enjoyable and danceable experience.

Anticipate encountering some of the most attractive people in Paris at Raspoutine: the alluring decor and fantastic music draw in numerous Parisian celebrities, including models and artists. During Fashion Week, you can expect to see models and designers casually mingling, enjoying drinks, and relaxing in the comfortable lounge. Being close to such famous and beautiful individuals is not uncommon at this Parisian club!

Due to its popularity, gaining entry can be challenging, even if you are impeccably dressed and stunning. It is advisable to reserve a table or opt for bottle service to secure your spot.