Palm Club Cannes

Palm Beach, Pl. Franklin Roosevelt, 06400 Cannes

Electronic / Commercial

11:30 PM - 05:00 AM


Palm Club transcends being just a mere location; it epitomizes a way of life, and stands as the epitome of exclusivity and glamour on the French Riviera. Renowned as the pinnacle of nightlife, this prestigious nightclub has played host to the crème de la crème of the world’s artists and celebrities for countless years.

A night spent at the new Palm Club offers an immersive and unforgettable encounter with a lifestyle where opulence, sophistication, entertainment, music, and fame converge harmoniously. Nestled on Pointe Croisette in the elegant Palm Beach area, the Palm Club’s eclectic music selection will captivate you, enticing you to dance to your favorite beats until the early hours of dawn.

Each evening, a different DJ takes the helm at the Palm Club in Cannes. Even when the club is bustling with patrons well past midnight, as is often the case, ample space is available to revel in the company of friends or enjoy a romantic outing, with attentive bartenders always at the ready to fulfill your beverage desires.

To truly make an impression at the Palm Club Cannes, dress to impress. Ladies can opt for romantic gowns or elegant long skirts, while men are advised to don their finest tailored trousers and, if necessary, a well-fitted jacket, ensuring their shoes are impeccably polished.

Operating from Sunday to Saturday (23:59 – 05:00), Palm Club Cannes beckons visitors with its enticing musical lineup featuring the best of hits, house, and hip-hop.

Without a doubt, Palm Club stands as the definitive destination in Cannes! This exceptional venue not only hosts sensational DJ events but also serves as the chosen venue for celebrity gatherings. Stay updated with the latest happenings and make it a point to experience this sophisticated nightclub firsthand.


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