You say madness, we say Maddox! Want to be spotted at one of London’s most exclusive nightclubs? Then here is your place! Just have to make a Maddox Table Booking.

    Maddox Club is a private members’ club which is in Mayfair since it opened its doors in 2007. It is one of the best clubs in the London nightlife scene by bringing a mix of fresh and lavish atmosphere, amazing service and great ambience.

    First of all, gaiety and opulence are the key in this wild environment. You will feel transported to the middle of a movie set that you will never want to end. The highlights of the interior are the fabulous high-class furnishings and its bright neon lights. However, the pricey yet worthwhile drinks reunites the best crowd in London.

    Reserving a VIP table is a definite must. Whether you want to enjoy an extensive list of premium drinks or just want to enjoy a private events. The food is an absolutely success as well, which is a rare detail among nightclubs in London. Both ingredients mixed in one is the perfect combination for a successful night out at Maddox.

    Maddox has a DJ booth, a bold stage for live music and several dance floor areas. Nevetheless, it is a club which has a little something for everyone. As the night goes on some of the world’s top DJs will take over with their best sets. Therefore, music will keep blasting  and make you dance all night long.

    Being one of best VIP Mayfair club, partying in Maddox is no joke. There have been seen countless famous faces grace its VIP rooms. This is a venue where Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Jay Z, been spotted, all on the Maddox’s red carpet.

    We love all our ladies and want to make sure that you get in, so better be in your most elegant and stylish dress. Likewise, Maddox is the perfect nightclub for you to shine as it is a very exclusive club and you must dress to impress.

    Without doubt, our VIP tables and bottle service are absolutely amazing, and will be well worth your night even if you’re not the most famous person in the room!

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