Résidence du Port, 83990 Saint-Tropez

Electronic / House

12:00 PM - 03:00 AM


The Opera in Saint Tropez is a remarkable venue shaped like an arena, offering stunning views of the old town, church, harbour, and boats from around the globe. Its lovely terrace invites you to indulge in the harbour vistas and reminisce about Brigitte Bardot’s cinematic moments by the sea. Inside, the Opera exudes elegance and sophistication with oversized vases, stylish lighting, comfortable leather sofas, and a mirrored bar that creates an operatic atmosphere. The predominant colours of white and gold further enhance its sophisticated ambience.

A notable feature of the Opera is the inclusion of contemporary paintings by Philippe Shangti, a talented and imaginative photographer. Shangti’s provocative, aesthetic, and humorous approach to photography caught the eye of the Opera’s owner, who decided to incorporate some of his works into the interior design. Shangti’s artworks, such as “Art vs Drugs,” “Luxury Overdose,” and “No Prostitution Here,” denounce serious issues and grace one of the walls in the Opera. This infusion of Shangti’s art adds to the Opera’s extravagance and positions it as one of Saint Tropez’s trendiest destinations.

As night falls, the Opera transforms into a lively hotspot with flame throwers, exotic dancers, violin players, and resident DJs who keep the beats going late into the night. It is an ideal venue for those seeking an enjoyable time in Saint Tropez.

In conclusion, the Opera in Saint Tropez is a breathtaking fusion of history, art, and entertainment, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. From its stunning views, elegant interior adorned with Philippe Shangti’s paintings, and vibrant nightlife, the Opera stands out as a must-visit destination in Saint Tropez.