Lio Ibiza

Passeig Joan Carles I, 1, 07800 Eivissa.


01:00 AM - 06:00 AM


Lío Ibiza transcends conventional labels, as it is more than just a restaurant, club, or cabaret. Instead, it combines all three elements to deliver a captivating 360-degree experience.

Renowned as “the place you never want to leave,” Lío Ibiza stands as one of the most glamorous destinations on the island, attracting notable personalities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jordan. Nestled in Marina Botafoch, this multifaceted establishment offers a fusion of exceptional cuisine, mesmerising cabaret performances, and authentic Ibiza-style entertainment, creating an immersive experience right at the water’s edge. Its allure draws a cosmopolitan, jet-set crowd, often arriving on super yachts or private jets. With awe-inspiring views of Dalt Vila across the glistening water and a prime location within the marina, surrounded by trendy bars, restaurants, and boutiques, Lío Ibiza sets the bar for upscale revelry on the island.

The vibrant essence of Lío Ibiza is embodied in its electrifying cabaret performances. From aerial acrobatics to powerful vocalists taking centre stage, guests are treated to a fully immersive entertainment experience that often culminates in an infectious dance floor frenzy, with some even dancing on the tables. Dining at Lío Ibiza is an extraordinary spectacle, and the enthusiasm is palpable.

As the night progresses, the energy intensifies as the tables are cleared, transforming Lío Ibiza into a vibrant club space. Sensual melodies fill the air, accompanied by alluring burlesque performances. The ambience exudes liveliness, beauty, and sparkle. Dressing appropriately for the occasion is strongly advised, as the experience will not be missed.