235 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

11:30PM - 05:00AM


Situated at 235 23rd Street, GALA is the ultimate destination for those yearning to escape the mundane and enter a realm of imagination, fascination, and provocation. Formerly known as Mokai, this premier ultra lounge has transformed, offering a private and opulent atmosphere that exceeds expectations. 

Whether dancing to the infectious beats of the club’s top-tier DJ or savouring signature cocktails in an intimate and chic ambience, GALA is designed to captivate every sense. The space boasts stylish and sophisticated decor that effortlessly balances relaxation and revelry, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the music and ambience while basking in an upscale and exclusive setting.

Speaking of guests, the crowd at GALA is as remarkable as the venue itself. Comprised of highly exclusive individuals, GALA’s clientele consists of Miami’s most discerning and fashionable party-goers. Celebrities such as Drake and DJ Khaled are seen enjoying their time, while Ne-Yo graces the stage with his mesmerizing performances. Even LeBron James has been captured amid his reign at the Gala, creating an unforgettable ambience. Whether you crave vibrant dance floor camaraderie or prefer to luxuriate in the lavish atmosphere, GALA guarantees you’ll encounter kindred spirits.

If you’re searching for an extraordinary and indulgent experience in Miami, GALA should be your ultimate choice. Its remarkable space, exceptional music, and captivating crowd create a remarkable encounter. 

The Gala is a testament to exclusivity and sophistication, attracting a select clientele who value exceptional experiences. It’s the ultimate destination for those seeking a night of glamour and extravagance in the vibrant city of Miami.

Don’t wait any longer – come and join the party at GALA!