Cirque Le Soir Mykonos

    Welcome to Cirque le Soir Mykonos! Another exclusive dose of Cirque le Soir’s original creativity and excitement but all set in the paradise of Mykonos, located in the center of the Cyclades island group, being worldwide famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid nightlife. No wonder why it’s widely known as the “Ibiza of Greece”.

    With an innovative and unique concept from the offset, Cirque le Soir already has plenty of clubs around the world, making the typical Cirque night readily accessible for many of the most esteemed locations in the world’s prestigious venues! Different continents, same uniqueness and craziness.

    If you want to enjoy Mykonos’s nightlife and are wondering where to go, Cirque le Soir should be on the top of your list! This club is a mix of pure luxury, a super VIP crowd, cool music, burlesque ambience and incredible shows, all in one! For upcoming events at Cirque le Soir are highly demanded so booking a VIP table is highly recommended.

    Cirque le Soir is one of the most exhilarating clubbing brands in the world. From VIP clientele to outrageous entertainment, definitely does not leave anyone indifferent. In recent months, Cirque, as it is known to regulars, has made headlines worldwide, welcoming an extraordinary succession of stars into its dimly-lit interior, to be entertained by circus acts performing on small podiums.

    Singers, musicians and Hollywood actors such as Bradley Cooper, Jason Statham are just some of the famous patrons to have recently crossed the threshold. For an exclusive and high-quality service, the door policy is quite strict and you should always go dressed to impress in order to have a reserved place in this otherworldly club.

    Coupling an eclectic collection of the world’s best DJs with some of the most distinctive, freakiest performers you’re ever likely to have seen, Cirque le Soir is refined, distinct and lauded worldwide. Established in its own right as the most extravagant, exciting, unpredictable and original experience in the nightlife history. Contact us and book a table for a night to remember!

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      • Belvedere£700
      • Grey Goose£700
      • Sauvelle£700
      • Ciroc£695
      • Absolut Elyx£675



      • Ace of Spades£800
      • Cristal£575
      • Krug£575
      • Dom Perignon Luminous£525
      • Dom Perignon£500
      • Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque£470



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