Piste de Bellecote, 73120, Courchevel France


In 2009, Bonito Saint Barth made its grand debut, quickly earning a reputation as a premier upscale restaurant with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Tucked away on Rue Lubin Brin on the awe-inspiring island of Saint-Barth, Bonito is the epitome of extraordinary dining and nightlife experiences. It transcends the definition of a mere restaurant or club, embodying a lifestyle of luxury, indulgence, and joy. Bonito must be experienced firsthand to appreciate the unforgettable moments it has to offer truly.

Bonito takes pride in offering its signature French Pan-American cuisine, a harmonious fusion skillfully crafted by Chef-Owner Laurent Cantineaux. With his innovative culinary approach honed through years of experience in French and American kitchens, Chef Laurent has mastered the art of blending flavours and techniques, resulting in an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Bonito cannot be fully comprehended through explanation alone; it must be lived. Over the years, Bonito has remained at the forefront of culinary excellence, and its appeal lies in the fact that it offers more than just a dining experience—it provides an extraordinary journey. Its spacious and open design, reminiscent of a beach house, creates a positive energy that permeates the air like a gentle breeze. Moreover, the unparalleled view of the Caribbean Sea is an unbeatable backdrop, heightening the overall dining experience.

Bonito’s mixologists are masters of their craft, captivating guests with carefully crafted and inventive creations. While respecting the classics, they continually surprise and delight with their unique concoctions, showcasing their creativity and expertise.

The restaurant features an open kitchen, allowing guests to witness the culinary action firsthand. An exclusive ceviche bar adds a vibrant touch to the ambience, infusing the atmosphere with freshness and authenticity. The combination of gourmet cuisine and a warm, embracing atmosphere is akin to visiting cherished friends. 

The music played at Bonito is thoughtfully selected to enhance the overall ambience. Whether groovy and upbeat or sultry and smooth, it perfectly complements the surroundings. With a state-of-the-art sound system, guests are treated to crystal-clear audio that elevates the dining experience.