Beefbar Monaco

42 Quai Jean-Charles Rey, 98000 Monaco

12:00 AM - 11:30 PM


Since its establishment in 2005, Beefbar Monaco has been a go-to destination for meat enthusiasts along the French Riviera. With its sophisticated architecture, relaxed ambience, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, Beefbar offers a truly remarkable dining experience centred around simplicity and uncompromising quality.

At the heart of Beefbar’s culinary offerings is its exceptional selection of beef. The experience begins with a tempting array of street food-inspired starters designed to be shared and savoured. Discover luxurious creations like the signature Croque Sando with Beefbar Sauce, delectable Rock Corn, delicious Kobe beef gyozas, and other delicious options.

Notably, Beefbar Monaco proudly features the first Beefbar Butcher Shop, a cutting-edge concept architects Humbert & Poyet brought to life. This contemporary butcher shop embodies the brand’s commitment to refinement, luxury, and modernity. Within its expansive space, you’ll discover magnificent marble and brass refrigerators showcasing the finest cuts and breeds of beef and a selection of tantalising beef charcuterie.

In recognition of its excellence this year, Beefbar’s collection of restaurants has been ranked as the top steak restaurant chain with multiple locations. Visit Beefbar Monaco and indulge in the ultimate celebration of prime beef, impeccable flavours, and an unforgettable dining experience.