Cirque VIP Table Booking
Cirque VIP Table Booking
Cirque le soir vip table booking

15-21 Ganton Street London W1F 9BN

Oxford Circus

10:30 PM

RnB, Hip Hop and House

Glam and Sexy


Most extraordinary and unique nightclub of London city, Cirque le Soir, because you can expect anything at any moment. Also, to get to experience the best night out in London city, Cirque VIP table booking is highly recommended for you. Cirque will bring you a unique experience every time you visit. With the presentation of live shows occurring at Cirque club, involving highly professional acrobats, magicians, fire breathers and exotic dancers, get ready to experience your best night-out yet. The Cirque Le Soir VIP table booking London is highly recommended for you to experience the best Cirque offers!


    For table booking at Cirque le Soir contact us at +44 (0)798 3236949

    Cirque le soir vip table booking

    Prices here at Cirque are not very high, they’re just reasonable and in fact, you will find the money spent here really worth it. Moreover, Cirque du Soir presents luxurious and full of enigma events with a burlesque atmosphere. Cirque’s a member’s only club and by getting on Cirque le Soir London guestlist, you can be one step closer to experience that. We’d like you to look at not only the dress code but also door policy of Cirque because that will determine whether you’re going to get an entry or not.

    Standard Table £1K (Up to 10 mixed guests)
    Arrival @11pm is highly recommended
    Without ID, there will be no entry

    At weekends for table booking, please contact us for prices as this may vary then. Wouldn’t it actually be the best choice to enjoy your night without any concern at a private space of your own? In fact, Cirque club is being loved by many well-known celebrities and fashion icons. For Cirque London dress code visit the dress code page to get to know more. Hey! If you’re not only on VIP Guestlist but also have your own VIP table, then you can get a chance to enjoy your night with one of your favorite celebrities.

    party at cirque le soir

    Door policy at Cirque is very strict, so you have got to impress the people at the door to get the entry otherwise even being on guestlist won’t help. It’d be a very best choice to celebrate special events at Cirque because here everything is done very exclusively and at its best. Mind-blowing events at Cirque like Halloween, NYE, even birthday parties, all are renowned to be very majestic and outrageous. Get on guestlist beforehand so you may not miss the fun.
    Make your weekends incredible, book with us and enjoy the best night out London city offers!

    Why Cirque tables are best? Cirque le Soir makes your special days more special with an amazing ambiance and great shows starring professional acrobats, magicians, and explicit dancers. When you book tables at Cirque, you won’t have to stay in lines and wait for the entry. Booking tables make sure that you get the best experience there is that Cirque le Soir offers.
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