Cirque Le Soir Door Rule

Cirque Le Soir Door Rule

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Cirque le Soir london, a historic nightclub, is famous for its flagrant, charming yet unprecedented in the world! Cirque le Soir parties are always historic . Cirque le Soir organized the events that squall the minds of guests away. Ever heard of an ornate and offbeat nightclub in London? It’s Cirque le Soir London, located on Oxford Circus.


For an electrifying night out in  London, Cirque London must  be your top-priority. Book Cirque guestlist if you want an endure night out.

Cirque le Soir Parties are the most sensational parties of London. It’s certain that you won’t regret a visit to one of them.

As expected, Cirque le Soir has outstanding environment and everyone wants to be there for a night out. But you have to be aware of Cirque le Soir gateway policy. The minimum age and Corque le Soir dress code.

Entry is £20 per person
Arrival @11pm  highly recommended
Without ID, there will be no entry

Cirque le Soir door policy is the dress code which has to be elegant, beautiful and impressive. Age has to be 21+ to get entry. If you left your ID home then don’t expect that those guards will let you in. Cirque London discourages casual dress code, intoxicated customers and male-heavy entourages.


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Well now that you have gone through the Cirque door policy, book now and join Cirque le Soir guestlist.

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