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Scandal VIP Guestlist

Scandal is one of a kind VIP nightclub and looks to be one of the most active clubs in Mayfair. Celebrities are always joining the Scandal guestlist or booking a VIP Scandal table at this astonishing nightclub.

Scandal Booking Table

Scandal is a unique destination for those looking for a one of a kind nightlife experience. You only have to make a scandal table booking for a better experience.

Tape London VIP Table Booking

Tape London Club, opened in Hanover Square is the new addition to London’s nightlife scene. The venue is more than a nightclub and tape table booking are sold out immediately.

Tape London

Tape London was launched in 2015 and has become one of London’s most active between VIP clubs. It is also counting with an in-house recording studio.

Libertine VIP Table Booking

The Libertine club is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in London.

Libertine VIP Guestlist

Libertine is the new club that has opened its doors in London. Brought to you by the team who on the same premises previously launched China white.

The Box Guestlist

The Box Soho is officially the place to see and to be spotted at. You need to follow the entry policy to get the box guestlist.

The Box VIP Table Booking

The Box nightclub is a very famous venue in London’s nightlife scene due to its exclusivity! This club is a must go. You only need the box table booking.

Cirque VIP Table Booking

Most extraordinary and unique nightclub of London city, Cirque le Soir, because you can expect anything at any moment.

Drama VIP Guestlist

Drama nightclub Drama nightclub, best in London, should be at the very top of your list if you love fun and adventure and want to party in style. The Drama VIP Guestlist will ensure you have the best night out.

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