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Cirque le Soir Saturday Bordel Party

BORDEL, our twisted friend has returned on Saturdays at Cirque. Try a different kind of Saturday night thrill! We will get your name on our Cirque le Soir Saturday Guestlist, providing easy access to you & your friends!

Cirque le Soir Wednesday Hype Hop Party

HYPE HOP is Cirque le Soir’s award winning Hip-Hop party and one of London’s most renowned club nights.Wednesday Hype Hop Cirque party is an iconic and extraordinary midweek party.

Cirque le Soir Monday LaMonday Party

Cirque le Soir is ready every Monday to give you the extra dose of madness and we are ready to take care of that for you. We will get your name on our Cirque le Soir Monday Guestlist, providing easy access to you and your group.

The House Club Parties

As it gets darker in London, places which provide pleasure, entertainment, stress-free and fantastic environment. London is a place where you can spend the nights you always dream about. The House Party Club London is an exclusive club, famous for its outrageous parties and 90s style music. The House Party Club has been the host of many great parties and many known…

Tonteria VIP Guestlist

Tonteria is defined as Mexican tapas lounge & tequila nightspot on Sloane Square. The nightclub specializes in offering mouthwatering bite-sized Mexican tapas alongside delicious tequila cocktails.

Tonteria VIP Table Booking

Tonteria, is like no other club you have been before. The club is by the same person who owns Mahiki and Whisky Mist but the vibe of Tonteria is totally different.

Toy Room VIP Table Booking

Toy Room London is a high-end guestlist-only club and located on Argyll Street in Mayfair. The club was founded by two successful entrepreneurs in London.

Toy Room VIP Gueslist

The concept of Toy Room is not similar to the other exclusive clubs in London, they added a touch of playfulness. With a teddy bear in the Logo, everyone loves the thematic. A huge bear that people wants to take a photo with, even the celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger or Lindsay Lohan.

Maddox VIP Booking Table

Maddox Club Guestlists are one of London’s most-searched list. Also, the winner of multiple bars and club awards over the years. Maddox Club Guestlist has been at the top of its game for many years.

Maddox VIP Guestlist

Every evening at Maddox is a night of glamour! The club attracts a multicultural crowd including London celebrities partygoers. Contact your VIP Tables London to get on Maddox guestlist!

Scandal VIP Guestlist

Scandal is one of a kind VIP nightclub and looks to be one of the most active clubs in Mayfair. Celebrities are always joining the Scandal guestlist or booking a VIP Scandal table at this astonishing nightclub.

Scandal Booking Table

Scandal is a unique destination for those looking for a one of a kind nightlife experience. You only have to make a scandal table booking for a better experience.

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